New Year Resolutions

Many people criticize those people who make fitness goals on New Year’s day. I love the season. It is a season where many people increase their hope that things can change. Others set their minds on goals they have yet to achieve but have already made. Goals that might take a while to accomplish. Those long, slow, steady goals are often difficult ones to achieve. This takes a level of consistency that is higher than other short-term goals.

As for me this season I’m seeking to make a higher goal than last year. Last year I decided to shoot for 1,000 miles in a year. Unfortunately due to moving on the other side of the world (Nepal) I fell short of my goal by around 250 miles. I did however run 750 miles in the year which is a huge accomplishment from previous years so in that I celebrate. This year I’m setting my goals even higher and shooting for 2,000 miles. This goes along side starting trail running in the Himalayas and seeking the infamous BQ.

Follow along as I shoot for those goals! Even more important though … shoot for yours 🙂


Where Art Thou?



In the process of moving to another country and learning new languages I’ve lost my way. It seem my shoes have dust on them now. I was on a pretty good start for in NYC but then I moved to Kathmandu, often referred to as ‘Dustmandu.’ This dust in the air makes it difficult to get motivated to run of course and then you have to have a mask as well. (Can you imagine running with a mask?). Hopefully when I get a motorcycle I can make my way up to the countryside and get some clean, crisp air to run in.

As the new year approaches lets see if I can sustain my running goals in 2018.