Himalayas here we come!

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog.

Here are a few highlights and pics (below) … new PR on 5k (21:32) & 10k (46:22) and completed my first 50k!

July was quite low in mileage (96miles) due to the end of the month including packing up our home in NYC and visiting family in TN. I did complete my first 50k completing a loop around NYC’s Manhattan Island.

August I got back on track. It has been quite providential before our move to the Himalayas that I get to train on some bigger hills than I’m used to doing in NYC. Around my in-laws house in Chapel Hill, NC there are hills on each side of the drive that avg. about a 225 ft gain in elevation so no matter which way I decide to run it means a dose of hills for training. So what that means is no skipping out and finding the flat sections that my default running mode is used to. There is no other option!



With the move to the Himalayas approaching at the end of August trail running and ultra running is on my mind. Running hills increases the signals in the whole body to burn more calories, build muscle, and improves lung strength. By throwing in hill repeats or hill climbs into the weekly runs ensures (along with a lower calorie intake) a decrease in the amount of body fat around the waistline which will lead to optimal race weight for maximum performance.

We are planning on living in Kathmandu, Nepal but the real spots to be are in the mountains! The Great Himalaya Trail website features a series of different ways of planning running, mountain biking, trekking in the himalayas which possess some of the most epic mountain views on earth (definitely the highest in elevation!). Other websites such as Great Himalaya Trails feature different types of epic adventure journeys taking different routes. Either way adventure and Nepal go hand and hand and the mountains are there to serve a full dose! Super stoked!

Great Himalaya Trail Nepal.jpg


Running of the Balls 10k 1 copy.jpg


Firecracker 5k copy.jpg