Traveling and Running



Running consistently can be difficult but add traveling within the mix and it gets even harder. Recently I took a vacay to Alaska and although I did log 16 miles my volume of running was difinitely affected. This got me curious on helpful tips for helping to maintain running volume on the go. Runner’s World provided some helpful tips that concentrated on adding volume and increasing intensity while you travel. So for instance when you are in the airport find some stairs and run up them or just simply walk thru the airport to add mileage to your day which burns additional calories. They also focused on diet and avoiding eating high fat content food while traveling. I though these tips were very helpful.

A very cool way to travel that most people forget about starts when your register for your flight. Instead of scheduling your flights with little time in between layovers one can simply select a flight with a larger gap between their next departure time. This way you can travel from the airport to downtown and run around many famous landmarks of each city you visit. Of course it may cost you some extra money for a taxi back and forth to the airport but most fine that its worth the effort to visit a cool place a increase the epicness of the trip. It beats saying you have ‘been somewhere’ but didn’t go downtown.

Happy traveling and don’t forget to run. Your body will thank you and you even might sleep on the plane! 🙂