The Risk of Overtraining …


I’ve lost around 20 lbs since January. I’m up to about 36 miles a week and progressing at a 10% increase in mileage each week. I’ve been monitoring my diet with Under Amour’s Myfitnesspal app. It automatically inputs the calories burned during a workout and tells me the recommended number of calories for replenishment. Because I’m moving to the higher miles (and adding more stress to the body ie. calorie demands, increased muscle repair, etc.) this is now more important than ever to make sure that I’m eating enough to so my body has what it needs to function healthy.

The cycle of stress added by excercise makes your body respond in two ways, it gets stronger or the added stress causes injury. The later is referred to as overtraining. It’s something that is not often talked about but it refers to when the challenges placed upon the body exceed it’s ability to adapt. Explained by the process outlined below you can see how homeostasis is positively or negatively affected by added stress on the body. Overtraining-Overview1.png

Just a quick reminder to monitor calories burned and make sure you are eating enough to rejuevnate your body. Also it is important to remember to rest and ‘listen to your body’ when it is sending signals to take a break. You can always cross-train and take a zero day. Rest assured a zero day is better than months sitting on the couch with an injury.


The Impact of Weather on Pace – New PR!



Recently I have been discovering the role the weather plays in setting PRs. The last half marathon I pariticpated in the end of the race got up to the 70s. It is said that any temperature over 60 degrees your pace begins to fall by 2-3%. When in the 70s 6-7%, 12-15% in the low 80s, and 18-20% at 85 degrees. If your running in anything hotter than this it better be a short run for you increase your risk of heat exhaustion dramatically.

A short way to put it is anything weather in the 50s is PR type of weather. Well the other day was in the 50s! I felt good at 10 miles so I thought I would go for another PR at the half marathon distance and finished 1:37:10 as the final result. Of course this is not an official race time and only a long run but nonetheless I was pretty happy with it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.14.05 PM.jpg

Pushing forward!